Grant Money Brings the WVRRC a Step Closer

In 2002 and 2003, the WVRRC was awarded a total of $20,000 from the West Virginia State Legislature's Budget Digest. This grant money will be used to further our goal of building a new raptor rehabilitation and environmental education center on the Center's 227-acre parcel of land on Bunner Ridge that was donated to the WVRRC in 1994 by the late Col. Jack “Hardrock” Bunner. The WVRRC's Board of Directors has decided to use this Budget Digest money to retain an architect and contractor to begin drawing up plans and gathering materials for the construction of our new facility. This progress will hopefully set our plans for the future in motion! A facility on Bunner Ridge will not only allow us to continue our rehabilitation and education efforts more efficiently, it will also benefit the entire West Virginia community. Our plan is for the new facility to be open to the public and large enough for school groups to visit, while maintaining interpretive hiking trails throughout the property. We'll keep our members updated on our progress! Thank you for your continued support.




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