Our Education Birds: Easton

Eaton, a Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), came to the West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center in October of 2014. She is a four year old eagle and was transferred to us from the Carolina Raptor Center. She was in rehab there for over 500 days suffering from severe nerve damage resulting from electrocution. It was believed that she would be released but she still has limited use of her tail, which is needed for flight and hunting. Easton, is named after the mascot for Easton Elementary School in Morgantown. The last program the WVRRC did for the school before they closed the doors; they took up a large donation and asked that the next eagle we received to be named after their Easton Eagle mascot. Easton, is just starting the training process so it will be a while before she is actually ready to travel with the rest of our education team. The females are considerably larger than the males. She has a seven foot wingspan and weighs 9 pounds. She is a very large wild bird, making her difficult to work with.

Bald Eagles are not hatched with white heads and tails. For several years they are primarily brown. Thunder completed her 6th molt (one molt per year) before obtaining her white feathers. (She is pictured to the right as a juvenile) The name "bald" does not come from the bird appearing bald, as so many people think, but from one of the definitions of bald, which is "white". Thunder did not reach sexual maturity until age eight. Her disposition changed drastically at that time. She will not be used in a breeding program but is used extensively in our environmental education programs.

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