General Educational Resources on the Web
Raptor Center: Learn About Raptors
Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation: Education Page
Raptor Box. (Award winning raptor education tool.)
Birds of Prey - Photos and information
Educational Information Resources about Eagles.
Everything Owls

Online Field Guides

The Peregrine Fund

Lesson Plans and Educational Activities on theWeb

MacBride Raptor Project | Instructional Materials (all ages)
MacBride Raptor Project | Activities (all ages)
"DiscoverySchool" Birds Lesson plan (9-12)
Owl Sculpture Lesson Plan (K-8)
Owl Pellets Lesson Plan (5-8)
Owls Lesson Plans (K)
Science NetLinks: Birds of Prey (6-8)
Lesson Plan: Ecosystem ("hawks" and "mice" demonstrate Predator-Prey relationship. 9-12)

Perch and Nest Box Plans

Raptor Perch
Sparrow Hawk or Screech Owl House
American Kestrel (pdf)
Barn Owl

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