Complete List of 2005 Events:

January 27. Adamston Elementary Gifted Program. Clarksburg.
January 29. West Virginia Hunting and Fishing Show. Charleston.
January 31. West Vrignia University Class. Morgantown.
February 7. Cheat Lake Elementary. Cheat Lake.
February 8. Cheat Lake Elementary. Cheat Lake.
February 17. Learning Options. Fairmont.
February 24. Albert Gallatin High School. Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
March 5-6. West Virginia Fishing, Hunting, and Outdoor Sports Show. Morgantown.
March 12. Family Fun Day. Kingwood Civic Center.
March 15. Westover Elementary. Westover.
March 23. Wildlife Diversity Day in the Capitol Building. Charleston.
April 7-8. Point Pleasant.
April 9. Jakes Day. Parkersburg.
April 11. Cub Scouts. Morgantown.
April 16. Cub Scouts. Morgantown.
April 22. Easton Elementary. Morgantown.
April 30. Boy Scouts.
May 7. Cheat River Festival. Albright.
May 17. Cheat Lake Rotary. Cheat Lake.
May 21. Cub Scout Anniversary. Morgantown.
May 21. North Bend State Park. Cairo.
May 23. Valley High School. Pine Grove.
May 24. Anna Jarvis Elementary. Grafton.
May 29. Wattersmith State Park Spring Celebration. Lost Creek.
May 31. Robert Bland Middle School. Weston.
June 1. Appalread Program. Twin Falls State Park.
June 4. International Festival. Morgantown.
June 6. Vintage Adult Day Care. Fairmont.
June 11. Coopers Rock Celebration of the Outdoors. Coopers Rock.
June 13. WVU Rec Center Adventure Camp. Morgantown.
June 15. 4-H Club. Tyler County.
June 18. Riverfest. Worthington.
June 20. WVU Rec Center Adventure Camp. Morgantown.
June 27. WVU Rec Center Adventure Camp. Morgantown.
June 30. Allegheny Energy Health and Safety Fair.
July 5. WVU Rec Center Adventure Camp. Morgantown.
July 7. Elk Elementary Center. Charleston.
July 12. Ruby Memorial Hospital Child Development Center. Morgantown.
July 13. St. Patrick's Church. Mannington.
July 15. Barnes and Noble. Granville.
July 20. Woodsman of the World. Selbysville.
July 26. Preston County 4-H Bruceton Mills.
July 30. Snowshoe Institute. Snowshoe Resort.
August 10. BOPARC Science Camp. Morgantown.
August 28. Humane Society. Waynesburg.
September 10-11. Honoring the Winged Ones Benefit Pow-Wow. Bunners Ridge. Fairmont.
September 17. Jakes Day. Rivesville.
September 25. Hunting and Fishing Day. Stonewall Jackson State Park.
September 29. Writing about Raptors. Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.
October 8. Hauges Garden Center. Fairmont.
October 14. Autumnfest. New Martinsville.
October 18. Peace Tree Ceremony. West Virginia University. Morgantown.
October 29. Kaleidiscope. New Martinsville.
November 5. Mountaineer Week. West Virginia University. Morgantown.
November 18. Kingwood Elementary School. Kingwood.

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