2014 Events:

Jan. 18, WV Trophy Hunters, Charleston
March 20-21, Mason County Schools, Point Pleasant
May 12, Wetzel County, Lantz Farm
Jan. 10, Private Tour
Jan. 18, WV Hunting and Fishing Show
March 1, WV Hunting and Fishing Show – North
March 13, Private Tour
March 20-21, Mason County Schools
March 26, Calhoun County Schools
April 1, WQVU Technical Writing
April 4, Grafton Community Day
April 12, Jackson’s Mill
April 19, Marietta, OH
May 14, Project ISAAC
May 15, South Harrison Middle school
May 17, Craig Civic Center
May 19, Pleasant Hill Elementary
May 22, Johnson Elementary School
May 31, Harrison County Safety Fair
June 10, Fairmont State University Day Camp
June 14, Brook’s Bird Club
June 16, Stockert Youth Center
June 17, WV Youth Conservation Camp
June 24, Hundred Public Library
June 25, FBI Family Day
July 7, Bridgeport Library
July 8, Marion County Summer Camp
July 14, Barrackville Schoo
July 15, Benedum Center Critter Camp
July 22, Adventure Camp
July 24, Blackshere Elementary
July 31, Nutter Fort Elementary
August 1, Montgomery Hospital Family Day
August 5, Point Marion Public Library
August 16, WVRRC Facility Tour
August 16, Biker Group Tour
August 17, Private Tour
August 23, Jake’s Day
August 30, Jennings’s Randolph Lake
August 31, Private Tour
October 4, Wild Bird’s Unlimited
October 7, Marion County Gifted Learners
October 10, Private Tour / Walk In
October 18, USFWS Presentation
November 18, Peace Tree Ceremony
November 29, Barnes and Noble

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