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Wild Bird Releases

Former Governor Bob Wise releases a Bald Eagle
Release of a Red-tailed Hawk at Pow-wow, September 2003
Release of a Red-tailed Hawk at Pow-wow, September 2002: [Image 1] [Image 2] [Image 3]
Release of a Turkey Vulture, March 2004: [Image 1] [Image 2]

Rehabilitation Birds

Golden Eagle at the vet
X-ray of the Golden Eagle's leg injury, caused by a leg-hold trap
Fledgling Eastern Screech Owls in the ICU
Barred Owl with injury caused by barbed wire
Great Horned Owl in the ICU
Great Horned Owl examination
Merlin with an injured wing
Turkey Vulture being admitted to the ICU
Turkey Vulture close-up

Red-tailed Hawk in the ICU
Eastern Screech Owl in the ICU

Barred Owls in the loft
Checking the flight feathers of a Red-tailed Hawk
Checking the flight feathers of a Red-tailed Hawk (close-up)
Test flying a Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk on a fly-line

Annual Pow-wow

Grand Entry, 2000
Head Lady Bree Little Bear and Head Man Aaron Dailey, 2003
Head Lady Konah M'Kwa and Head Man John Whitehawk, 2000
Grand Entry, Volunteer Melissa with Annie, 2004
Grand Entry, Volunteer Katie with Orion, 2004
Thunder closing the circle of Grand Entry from the East, 2002
Honor Song, 2003
Jingle Dress Dancer, Bree Little Bear
Grass Dancer
Fancy Shawl Dancer, Jessica Stardancer
Hoop Dancer
Storyteller, Ellie Spotted Dove
John Whitehawk with Snow


Elizabeth Zimmermann visits the WVRRC
Volunteers Lora and Jesse in the ICU
Volunteer Shannon with Otus
Volunteer Leah with Orion
WVU Wildlife students evaluate habitat on Bunner Ridge
Fairmont State College STAND Volunteers
"Wings of Thunder" sculpture by Dave Jones

For Galleries of our Education Birds, see their bio. pages:
Annie, Red-tailed Hawk
Bubo, Great Horned Owl
Thunder, American Bald Eagle
Orion, Broad-winged Hawk

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