Ground Broken at Site of New Facility
By Mike Book

Moving to our new home on Bunner Ridge is not going to happen yet, but we are one step closer. It is a certainty that Thunder (our 14 yr. old bald eagle) will live to move into our wonderful new facility one day…but the same may not be said with the same degree of certainty for her handler. See, Thunder might live into her eighties, so she still has a while.

We continue to peck (no pun intended) away at this fundraising thing and have now gathered enough in donations to complete Phase Two of the constructionprocess. Phase One was the plans and now we have nearlycompleted initial site preparation work, which includes clearing and grading for the parking areas and entryway as well as initial set-up work for future utility installations and the actual building site.

These photos show the basic clearing that has been done. They do not do justice to the selection process that protects certain trees and shrubs. I guess the Supreme Court would class this action as floral profiling. Whatever name might be, the end results will provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for the multitudes that will one day visit our Education Center.

This process has been in the works for just over 10 years now. One might say that is nothing to be proud of. I guess one might say that, but the many who know us and what we do would not. We are a unique organization that spends far, far more time doing education programs in schools and physically caring for these magnificent birds than planning and carrying out fundraising activities. Shame on us, I guess.

The many of you that financially support our causes have made our successes truly great and one day we will have the rehab and education center that we have been planning for so long. Perhaps in another non-election year the CEO of Massey Coal might be persuaded to donate to the WVRR a large part of the $5 million he plans to spend this year on election donations. I may have to look into that as a fundraising idea. Can anyone out there get me an introduction? In the mean time, we will continue to count on our old and new faithful supporters.

We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And I thank all of our wonderful volunteers that we have had carrying the torch for this cause for the past 23 years. Thanks guys and gals, you're making a difference.



Last updated: 9.09.2006

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