History and Philosophy

The West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center (WVRRC) is a non-profit (501-c-3) organization dedicated to the care of injured, sick, and orphaned birds of prey and their eventual release back into the wild. Created in 1983, the Center started as a one man basement operation, Now the Center is a small independent facility housing an intensive care unit and flight cages with a staff of approximately 40 volunteers.The WVRRC operates on contributions from public and corporate sponsors, and is sanctioned by and the recipient of an annual grant from the West Virginia Wildlife Diversity Program.

Although the immediate and continuing short-term goal of the WVRRC is to provide rehabilitative treatment for the raptors in our care, the Center’s most urgent goal is long-term environmental education focusing on "man as a part of, not apart from nature." Scientific research on raptor rehabilitation, behavior, and ecology is an on-going effort that aids in a better understanding of these birds of prey. The small puzzle pieces that we and others provide not only assist us in our work with these birds, but also help us to better understand the environmental tolerances that impact raptors as well as the human species.

The WVRRC has developed and maintained an extensive volunteer network. The Center’s medical care staff, area veterinarians, educational program presenters and administrative staff log thousands of hours each year. A Board of Directors consisting of individuals from the professional and scientific community, as well as the general public, guides the WVRRC’s activities.


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