In Memory : Jack

Jack, an American kestrel, was a resident education bird at the Center from 1992 to 2002. He was missing his left eye, and for this reason was non-releasable. For many years he served as part of our education team. Jack parted our company last month--the affects of a brain tumor having infringed on his quality of life.

Alice Moore, Jack's primary handler and caretaker, had these comments after his death.

"Jack had a personality all his own. He was very high-strung and for such a small bird, feared no one. He became sick and within a 2-3 day period his health declined rapidly. It was finally determined he had a brain tumor and would not improve. It was with great sadness that he had to be put down. During his short period of time, I was able to hold Jack without gloves. He would close his eye and doze off while I was rubbing his head. I wanted him to know that he wasn't alone. We will miss Jack very much. He was part of our family at the Raptor Center."

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