"Honoring the Winged Ones"
Fourth Annual Pow-Wow Celebration a success!
(All Proceeds will help build the new WV Raptor Rehabilitation Center at Bunner Ridge)

The4th annual "Honoring the Winged Ones" Pow-wow celebration was held September 27-28, 2003 at Bunner Ridge Park near Fairmont, West Virginia. As usual, the event proved both fun and educational for all who attended. This year’s host drum was Mother Earth Beat, joined by guest drums Thunderhawk, Struck by Lightning, and Voices of the Hawk. The celebration began with Grand Entry on Saturday at noon, featuring Annie the Red-tailed Hawk, Snow the white Red-tailed Hawk, Spyro the American Kestrel, and Thunder the American Bald Eagle. After the colors, dancers, and birds took their places in the circle, Ellie Spotted Dove recounted an Ojibwa story about how the eagle once saved humans from the wrath of the Creator.

Festivities continued throughout the weekend, including periodic environmental education programs starring the birds. Representatives from many Eastern Woodland peoples provided beautiful music and dancing, adding to the richness and enjoyment of the weekend.

Perhaps the most memorable event occurred Sunday afternoon--the release of a rehabilitated Red-tailed Hawk. The bird was a female Red-tail who came to the Center in January 2002 with a severe concussion after colliding with a vehicle. When she came to us, she was blind in both eyes. The hawk recuperated in our Intensive Care Unit until volunteers began to notice that her sight was returning. She was moved to an outside flight cage for exercise. Though the healing process was very slow, her vision eventually returned to both eyes and the veterinarian cleared her for release.

The colors were retired on Sunday evening, marking the end of this year’s Pow-wow celebration. Thank you to all dancers, drummers, guests, and Raptor Center volunteers for making the event a success. Keep checking the website and upcoming newsletters for announcements about next year’s event! We can only hope it will be as wonderful and enjoyable as the fourth annual Honoring the Winged Ones Pow-wow celebration!

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Dancer John Whitehawk Dailey with Snow

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