The WVRRC’s permanent residents assist our volunteer presenters in fun and informative programs about the value of raptors in the environment and the important work being done at the Center. Our education birds include Annie the Red-tailed Hawk, a Bald Eagle named Easton, Neo, a Broadwinged hawk, a red-phase Eastern Screech Owl named Rupert, Shadow, a Swallow-Tailed Kite, a Barred Owl named William, Yampa, an American Kestrel and Vader the Turkey Vulture.

Our programs, which are adapted to all ages, are available to any group, organization or school simply by e-mailing or calling (304-366-2867). Try to make your requests as far in advance as possible, especially for spring and summer programs. A donation is requested to help offset the expense of caring for these birds; typically, we ask for a minimum of $150 for a local program (Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Kingwood). We ask for a larger donation for programs further away and for programs featuring our eagle. If necessary, expenses for travel meals and lodging will be the responsibility of the requester.

Currently, volunteers travel thousands of miles each year to present programs. Our new facility located in Bunner Ridge, Fairmont can also house programs. We have a large indoor room with chairs for up to 50 people. The parking lot can also accommodate multiple school buses if your group can travel. This will allow volunteers' time to be used more productively in our education efforts.




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Meet Our Birds:

William, Barred Owl
Easton, Bald Eagle
Rupert, Eastern Screech-Owl
Neo, Broad-winged Hawk
Vader, Turkey Vulture
Annie, Red Tailed Hawk
Shadow, Swallow-Tailed Kite
Yampa, American Kestrel
Latte, Red Shouldered Hawk
Great Horned Owl (To be named later)

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